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Cancer update (woo hoo!)

Today I visited my doctors again and they're telling me all is well. W00t! After last week's CT scan, everything looks normal. Or, as they call it, "stable." Well anyway, it means that at the next scan in November, it will already have been a solid year since I finished that gruesome chemo. Ninjas:1, Cancer:0, indeed. Memorable pic after the jump. — read on

Imagining the Real World through Mods, Maps and Message Boards

The graph that is part of the paper I submitted to IADIS '08 is after the jump. — read on

DiGRA NY approved

It's done. Today I received the e-mail from Tanya Krzywink saying it's a go. I'm looking fwd to the first panel this fall. Official press release after the jump. — read on

DiGRA NY (pending)

At the G4C festival last week I realized how many people we have here in NYC that do one thing or another with games. So, just now I sent off a proposal to start up DiGRA NY. — read on

Live & Direct from G4C

Reporting live from 12th street, I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that serious games and I can date for a while, but I don't see a long term relationship. — read on

Serious Games: Prelude

As part of my preparation for the imminent Games for Change festival here in NYC, I've compiled a list of serious games. — read on

Less of the Same

Some time ago I saw a lecture by Steven B. Johnson: one of the people I love to quote in my whole video game dissertation thing. I'm particularly keen of his notion of "data making sense of other data." I had hoped to hear more about the future, but ended up with a mouthful of Web one point oh. — read on

Barcelona in November

So it looks like I'll be headed to Barcelona this November. My proposal for ECREA 2008 got accepted and now I will go shoulder-to-shoulder with communication "specialists studying the role of communications and media in society, with a special emphasis on European challenges." C'est le w00t, bonhomme. — read on

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