FPS Cinema

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First person perspective is highly symbolic of the subjective point of view from which we, faced an infinite amount of available information and data, create meaning. What strikes me is how common this perspective has become as part of a larger visual vocabulary in recent years. — read on

The TV Show

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Insert your favorite French philosopher's musings on co-existing meta-realities here. Then stop being pretentious and enjoy the video. — read on

Maximum Hulkness

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The cure for the common GTA clone. Heck, the Hulk puts GTA to shame.  One enjoys roaming one's habitat and stir some excitement. But it's difficult to outrun those pesky Liberty City law enforcers. And in all the Spiderman games, the city is really boring. But not no more. — read on

Aart is gehackt.

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After this illustrious example of hilarity, I've now also located a Dutch sesame street remix, web 2.0, hack, crack, zippedeeflipflop, home made video. It totally made my weekend. — read on

Strongbad Classic

Screenshot of "Strongbad Classic"

My brother, who is currently dodging mudslides in Vietnam with his family in law, recently sent me this Strongbad vid. So this one goes out to him and his peeps, bobbing their heads on the bus to Hanoi. — read on

Spiderman Part Whatever

Screenshot of "Spiderman Part Whatever"

Of course, why would you invent anything new when you can just upgrade what you already have? My children's children will be playing that solipsistic character called Spiderman. But as technology marches on, the graphics and combat system do too. Looks like there might be some solace in that. — read on


Screenshot of "Whahahahaha"

Too hot to play games. Watch hilarious video instead. Friggin' awesome. — read on

Max Payne, Minimal Plot

Screenshot of "Max Payne, Minimal Plot"

Man rectifies tons of injustice with gun. Oh I'm sorry, did I just ruin the plot? Mr. Wahlberg takes the lead in this game-gone-to-Hollywood. I liked the games. A little flat, but bullet time is delicious and has become a standard in game design since. Let's see how this fares. I just hope they have the original sound track in the movie. Because it's the awesomest. — read on

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