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Friendly fraud my foot

Based on documents released last week it has become clear now that Facebook has been bamboozling kids and ignoring calls from parents and its own staff to change things.
At some point I have to stop being surprised. Really tho?
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Dit is een test. Ik wil namelijk even kijken of dit werkt en, zo ja, hoe moeilijk of makkelijk dit dan wel niet is. — read on

Dubstep awesomeness

Screenshot of "Dubstep awesomeness"

Finally, someone combined my two favorite hobbies: simulator games and dubstep. Sweet, sweet nectar. — read on

D&D a “threat” says Court of Appeals

A few days ago the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decided that Dungeons & Dragons presented a "threat" to prison security. Kevin T. Singer, an inmate at Wisconsin's Waupun Correctional Institution, was so devoted that it raised concern among the guards. He wrote, by hand, "a ninety six page manuscript outlining the specific details of a "campaign setting" he developed for use in D&D gameplay." For well over two years, no one thought twice about Singer's regular incoming stream of D&D mailings. This changed when Bruce Muraski, Waupun's "Disruptive Group Coordinator," received an anonymous letter from an inmate expressing concern

"that Singer and three other inmates were forming a D&D gang and were trying to recruit others to join by passing around their D&D publications and touting the “rush” they got from playing the game." (3)
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Average Gamer: Once Violent, Now Overweight and Depressed.

In what is likely to make its rounds on the Interwebs already in full force, a recent study finds that the average male gamer is 35 years old, has a higher body mass index and "a greater number of poor mental health days." — read on

All Hail SuperData

My company's site is now live. We once again thank Super Interactive for the nifty design. Please take a look, and download the TCG report for free! Feedback welcome. — read on


Maybe it's because I just woke up in the middle of the day and watched this while the fog was still clearing up. Or maybe this 13-minute clip has some worthwhile thoughts regarding risk. — read on


Today I flew again for the first time in a year. It's not a cheap hobby but it puts even the snazziest flight sim to shame. We performed four landings and I held my own despite gusty winds. I'd go again tomorrow if I could. Here are some pictures. First thing on my to-do list is to get a pair of those ridiculous glasses. — read on

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  • Dubstep awesomeness

    Dubstep awesomeness

    Finally, someone combined my two favorite hobbies: simulator games and dubstep. Sweet, sweet nectar....

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