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Player Modeling

One of the sexiest aspects of digital environments and online worlds is the ability monitor player behavior in an unprecedented way. Every single action, decision and event can be recorded, aggregated and analyzed on a scale that would make Orwell look like an absentee baby-sitter. — read on

Noun-Phrase Analysis. Huh?

As I'm building the theoretical framework for my methodology, I'm going over some worthwhile texts that look at data mining online communities. In other words, how do we, as social scientists, make use of all that 'stuff' that's going on online? One elementary text is "A Noun Phrase Analysis Tool for Mining Online Community Conversations," by the mouthful Haythronthwaite and Gruzd (H&G). — read on

World of World of Warcraft

Screenshot of "World of World of Warcraft"

As we say on the interwebs: "Teh lolz." — read on

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