Maximum Hulkness

The cure for the common GTA clone. Heck, the Hulk puts GTA to shame. 

One enjoys roaming one’s habitat and stir some excitement. But it’s difficult to outrun those pesky Liberty City law enforcers. And in all the Spiderman games, the city is really boring. But not no more.

Last weekend I played through The Incredible Hulk for XBOX360. The missions are pretty predictable (destroy this, FedEx that). But the extra-curricular activities are greatly satisfying. Not only does the Hulk travel in style, like the true superhero of a solipsistic game world, but he’s got mad skills to boot. Instead of that nervous twitchiness that comes with GTA, whenever you crash your car and have to make a break for it to escape the cops, the Hulk just leaps onto a building. And where Spiderman may have the travelocity, his tights and webbing aren’t really that spectacular. The Hulkster has a wide array of combos. Having a bazooka or snazzy spider sense is great and all, but they’re both but a footnote when you’re throwing a bus. Or a hummer. Or making gauntlets out of yellow cabs.

You get the idea. Check out the footage.


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Bas December 8th, 2008 (3:48 am)

Awesome! – kinda reminds me of carmageddon: nobody’s innocent.

Jason December 26th, 2008 (9:53 am)

Looks better than GTA!hahahahahaahahhahahahaha

XxriddlerxX December 26th, 2008 (9:57 am)

graphics r okay and gameplay looks awesome

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