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New York Game Companies (list of)

A few months ago, the Center for an Urban Future published a report on the challenges and opportunities of the NYC game industry. As the first of its kind, it takes a long hard look at NYC game scene. According to them, there are fifty-five companies in total, employing approximately 1,200 people. (To compare, Boston houses 75 and Maryland 60.) Anyway, as my graduation nears, I'm reviewing employment options. One of which is a job in the game industry. After the jump, there'll be a happy list of ninety-three game and game-related (i.e. music) companies in NY. For your convenience. — read on

DiGRA NY approved

It's done. Today I received the e-mail from Tanya Krzywink saying it's a go. I'm looking fwd to the first panel this fall. Official press release after the jump. — read on

Social Gaming Gets Funded [updated 10.28.08]

After virtual worlds and casual gaming, now emerges social gaming. Over the past couple of weeks a bunch of startups have come into some money by way of venture capital. So, what is this social gaming, who's building it, and who's funding it? The term 'social gaming' seems somewhat superfluous: a game is inherently social because it either involves more than one person to play, or a larger socio-cultural context informs its game mechanics. But, whatever. This is not a philosophical explication of a definition: social gaming refers to games played on social networking platforms, like Facebook. — read on

User-Created Maps (prelim data)

According to data from my dissertation research, user-created content (maps) extends a title's shelf life by approximately two years before it sharply declines. A subsequent release of a new installment reinvigorates the franchise. What follows is a brief summary of some preliminary numbers. One of the happy observations that both academics and analysts like to make is that user-created content for a video game extends the title's shelf life. But not nearly often enough is this accompanied by any type of empirically derived argument. Enter data. — read on

World of World of Warcraft

Screenshot of "World of World of Warcraft"

As we say on the interwebs: "Teh lolz." — read on

DiGRA NY (pending)

At the G4C festival last week I realized how many people we have here in NYC that do one thing or another with games. So, just now I sent off a proposal to start up DiGRA NY. — read on

Yummmm…Bionic Commando

Screenshot of "Yummmm…Bionic Commando"

Yes, I too am a sucker for those games from the past. It's like remembering that fling you had in the summer of 198x. Well, I just ran into her on the street and she is looking fine... — read on

Phones suck for online gaming

As part of a report on casual games and browser-based MMOGs, I just completed a table of one company's available online payment methods. Organized by country, it lists how gamers all over the place can pay for their virtual currency and in-game items. — read on

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