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I’m working on a project that looks at the gaming properties of (large) media companies. On this page I’ll list some of the press releases and other online sources to this end. If you want to read the whole thing though you’ll have to subscribe to DFC Intelligence.

Rationale: Obviously with all the interest in online games, adver-gaming, and unnecessary but vast virtual worlds media companies will try and push their existing properties into game space. Whether or not this will yield any innovative gaming is another question, but it is a strong move away from the traditional model of making movies out of games and vice versa.

06/18/07: Disney — Papaya Studios; 1st Playable Prod.
04/17/07: EA + Endemol: Virtual Me
04/03/07: Warner Bros. Interactive + TT Games: LEGO Batman
03/22/07: Midway + Adult Swim (Time Warner): ATHF game
03/05/07: South Park (MTVN/Comedy Central) on your XBOX 360
03/07/07: EA, MTV, and Harmonix
02/28/07: NBC Universal + EA: iVillage & Pogo.com
02/27/07: Ubisoft becomes movie studio
02/27/07: King.com + FremantleMedia (RTL Group/Bertelsmann): American Idol Online
02/21/07: MTVN + GameTrailers.com: Game Head
02/20/07: Hearst + Arkadium, Inc.
02/20/07: Vivendi + Wanako Games
02/15/07: Sprint + Namco: Scene It
02/09/07: NBC Universal + Sierra Online (Vivendi Games): Battlestar Galactica
02/07/07: Sony Pictures Entertainment: movies + games
01/29/07: Midway & Viacom
01/26/07: SOE, online card games, and Hollywood IP
01/19/07: Harmonix loses GT: III to NeverSoft (Activision)
01/15/07: MTV Networks + Makena Technologies (There.com)
01/12/07: Buena Vista Games + SUNFLOWERS
01/11/07: Midway + Happy Feet (Warner Bros.)
01/04/07: Showtime Game Venture
12/29/06: Capcom + Hyde Parke Entertainment (Street Fighter)
12/15/06: WBIE + SCi/Eidos
11/09/06: MTV Networks + Nexon (Korea)

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