American Idol online… ( + FremantleMedia [RTL Group/Bertelsmann])

After “Deal or No Deal,” “1 vs 100,” “Who Wants to be A Millionaire,” and “Big Brother” a company called now also has the license for “American Idol.” Extending the existing brand into online game space, is really just giving you a more-or-less interactive (someone say iTV?) version.

“The idea behind the game is to really re-create the experience of going before the ‘American Idol’ jury,” said Robert Norton, vp business development in the U.S. at “Players will create a personal avatar and dress them in costumes and then use the cursors on the keyboard to sing and dance to the music.” (source)

Quoting a whopping $250,000 to develop the game, it is apparently the most expensive “casual Web game ever made.” FremantleMedia (wholly owned by the RTL Group, which is 90% owned by Bertelsmann) seems excited.

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sabrina November 11th, 2008 (10:36 pm)

you NEED to put american idol BACK on because it was REALLY FUN!!!!=]

milbank star January 2nd, 2009 (7:41 pm)

American idol is an awesome game. so many people go on king .com provided by yahoo.
If u want to keep ur 2 favorite fans put American Idol back on Please with caviar on top.

Mandy January 17th, 2009 (8:12 pm) doesnt have American idol anymore

bryan burrows January 25th, 2009 (3:41 pm)

i want american idol back on king .com what is wrong with you!!!

kamaria February 14th, 2009 (4:11 pm)

seriously it was fun why did u take it off

kamaria February 14th, 2009 (4:12 pm)

Ok well amarican idol is a awsome game what was so wrong with it that you took it off ? we all enjoyed it. Well i hope me and everyone elses commets persuade you to put it back on

Tea March 16th, 2009 (8:43 pm)


Brooke May 26th, 2009 (3:58 pm)

Why did you get rid of it? That game was so fun, by the way, just lost a lot of users due to that. :(

kellie September 24th, 2009 (5:43 pm)

wtf why did they take that game off!!!!

gabby November 10th, 2009 (5:58 pm)

fuck you the ones who took the game off iplayed that game all the time but one day i went on it there was no american idol game anymore boohoo fuck you.

jennifer December 26th, 2009 (1:48 am) was much better off with american idol but now that they took it off lesspeople go on it

plz put it back on!!!!!

jennifer December 26th, 2009 (1:49 am) was much better off with american idol but now that they took it off less people go on it

plz put it back on!!!!!

jasmine February 6th, 2010 (3:50 pm)

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i been x searching for dat game for trwo yeas now tear tear plz put on or else fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u guys ((king .com)) azz whoels

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