Ubisoft becomes movie studio

While I’m analysing the various ways in which media companies are moving in on the opportunities of game space, it cannot come as a surprise that game companies are moving in the opposite direction. Ubisoft announced that it is going to spend almost $383.9 million in building a 3,000-person, Montreal-based team with the sole purpose to “make movies.”

Seems like they got the idea from making King Kong last year and from watching Sony: “We see how Sony Pictures Animation operates, and we’re learning a lot from them.” Apparently DreamWorks and Pixar should also watch out because Ubisoft foresees this transition starting “with the new studio creating parts of a CGI film before moving on to creating an entire CGI film.” Ubisoft is currently wrapping up production on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Warner Bros.)

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